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Jet Streams Rule !

All flying weather* is dictated by the Jet Streams rushing past and over our heads, sometimes invisible to all. Other times they spawn storms with benign and bland non offensive names like Albert and Brandon and Ciara.

The effect carried by these gentle named storms are devastating to many unfortunate people on the ground, in the water and inflight. Whatever the causes may be attributed by us mere mortals to the birth of stormy destructive weather will continue to be debated, the expensive results are counted on both sides of the debate as well as the innocent bystanders. Trees, power lines, roofs, boats, ships, airplanes on the ground are so very often damaged, along with some fatal accidents.

Planning an aerial tour is exciting when you have to take stormy weather in account. I plan my flight route so that it follows the contours of a pressure system in such a way that the wind is generally helping us. Thanks to the combination of modern meteorological data and forecasting models supplied by the many weather apps and detailed aviation mapping combined with modern Global Positioning Systems displays, this is almost a routine procedure. The resulting flight plan varies in terms of safety and accuracy depending on one's experience in such matters.

Come join me, Deepak Mahajan, on a Tour & Train Course this year and learn by practical experience with detailed guidance from our group of highly experienced flight instructors.

* Flying weather suitable for small light aircraft / microlight aircraft

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